Gottlieb Falstaff – Paintjob

by on Mar.28, 2014, under Gottlieb Falstaff, Pinball, Private

well this year I seem to have the drive to finish (or at least continue with) some of my projects, so here you’ll find a little update for my Gottlieb Falstaff Pinball.

Since one of the previous owners had the great idea to paint the poor case completely red, the first part of the restoration to get the original painting back as good as possible.
This was all a lot of trial and error for me, as I’m not really versed in painting, especially with my new Airbrush set …

But I think the result isn’t too shabby and I believe it has a certain kind of charm to it 🙂
And also it’s not toooo far from the original: Falstaff case on IPDB

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Gigantor – Progress

by on Mar.28, 2014, under Arcade, Gigantor, MAME, Private

OK … no posts since over 3 years … this is a new record 🙂
But even if nobody will ever read it, I want to document some of my progress at least for myself.

So this is it, I took the time to (almost) finish my Gigantor Project:

I made some changes to my original design as I got a 32″ TFT TV for free, so I used this instead of a “real” Arcade monitor.
Electrics and electronics are completely finished, but the case is still missing the top with the marquee, let’s see when I find time to do this 🙂

At the moment it’s possible to use a RasPi for MAME or original PCBs … I’m planning to add a C64 and a PlayStation to it.

Also I’m not really happy with the control panel. It’s made from plexiglas and got some cracks from drilling and I put the controls too near the edge …

Some more photos:

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by on Sep.12, 2010, under Nishijin, Pachinko

Well, almost exactly one year since my last post …
Simply neiter had time to work on my projects nor really felt like it. But now the fever is back 🙂
But of course I started something new instead of finishing one of my other machines:
Last week I “accidently” got a Nichijin Pachinko machine in almost perfect working order, only missing the payout ball tray and the card bypass dongle.
Luckily I had all the tools at home to finish these parts, the ball tray is cut out of an old emergency exit light.
Now it’s nicely mounted on a wall in my living room.
Next will be to add a ball lifter to it for more playing fun, I’m thinking about building one myself either with a flipper coil or with an old jigsaw I have lying around … we’ll see how it turns out (if ever 🙂 )

Sorry for the crappy images, but the HTC Hero is a nice tool for almost everything other than using it as a camera ;(

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Gigantor Wiring -> SCART

by on Sep.10, 2009, under Arcade, Gigantor

Since starting the Gigantor Project I destroyed 2 of my 2 Hantarex Arcade monitors 🙁
I was searching on ebay and other platforms, but didn’t find any Arcade monitors for sale, so I decided to add a SCART output to my Gigantor wiring to use an old and cheap TV as monitor.
Today I finished all the wiring for the Gigantor, I want to be able to use JAMMA and other PCBs so I decided to go with the Austrian “Novomatic” 50pin D-SUB as my main connector. I believe this should be the most durable type.
The finished wiring consists of one primary female 50pin D-SUB which can be connected to different PCBs via (still to do) converters. From this there are 4 main connecions:

  1. Video: 15pin male D-SUB connector wired according to the VGA standard
  2. Audio: Stereo female TRS connector
  3. Controlers: 38pin female Centronics connector with own pin assignment
  4. Mains: 9pin Connector to Hantarex US200

On the Video part follows a SCART connector which also needs +5V for switching the TV to RGB mode which is routed via Chinch connectors.

Today was the first test and YEAHHH … everything works perfectly … playing Arcade games on a 42″ Full HD rulez 🙂

Everything is wired in a way to replace any part at any time, for example it’s no problem to replace the SCART connector with an Arcade monitor connector, or completely replace the PCBs with a MAME computer.

At the moment I have no camera, but I will post some pictures at a later time.

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