New project: Gigantor

by on Aug.14, 2009, under Arcade, Gigantor

Yeah, I know I seem to be unable to finish one project before starting the next one 🙂
Nevertheless I did it again. Since I bought together with a friend about 40 original arcade PCBs, I thought I’d need something to put them inside.
First I wanted to use one of my existing cabinets for this, but soon I realized I’d need something special because of 4 different connection systems (5 if you also count the MAME PC), portrait and landscape monitor setting and different controls layout and other ideas.

So I was surfing the interwebs to get ideas for a cabinet design and I stumbled over the austrian “Gigant” System.
I really liked the “monumental” design of this case, but I was missing some of the more traditional elements, so I fired up my trusty ARCHline and modelled my own case.
It’s fairly big so a midsized monitor can be turned from portrait to landscape inside the case (I plan to make it motorized 🙂 )
Contrary to the rendering I’ve changed the color scheme. While blue is my favorite color I decided to go with some kind of purple for the base and a nice grey for the top.
Some first work is already done on the case:

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Convert Operation Bear to Mame cabinet

by on Feb.15, 2009, under Arcade, MAME, Operation Bear

The last days I was working a lot to convert the Operation Bear into a general MAME cabinet.

As always I had more or less no plan what I was doing and just learned by doing.

First I destroyed an old PS/2 keyboard and soldered the arcade controllers to the keyboard controller. The Caps/Num/Scroll Lock LEDs are used as CPU Load indicator (25%/50%/75%).

Then I checked how to connect the Arcade Monitor (Hantarex MTC9000) to the computer and decided to solder a VGA connector directly to the Monitor Input. In this way I can hook up the computer with a standard VGA cable and simply switch to the original Operation Bear by plugging out the PC and plugging in the original ROM.

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All the computerparts are mounted on a piece of wood which perfectly fits into the cabinet. I also bought some new low cost speakers, dismantled them and mounted them into the original places.

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The next step was to mount the controller assembly into the cabinet without destroying it. Everything should be completely removable so the original lightgun can be mounted again.

The last missing step is to put some nice finishing over all my naked wood parts, but this is again something I have to learn 🙂

More images:

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Operation Bear arrived

by on Dec.19, 2008, under Operation Bear

And again a new family member 🙂

Operation Bear is a shooting game from 1987 equipped with a lightgun with “force feedback”. The game is a bootleg of the Taito Operation Wolf.

The case is in fairly good shape and electrically everything (except the sound 🙁 ) is working.

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The data connector was broken from the monitor circuit board, but I was able to solder the connector to other soldering points on the board.

All pictures:

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Falstaff Cabinet (contents) cleaned

by on Nov.21, 2008, under Gottlieb Falstaff

Finally I had some time to work on the Falstaff again. I used it to clean the electric of the cabinet.
It doesn’t look like new, but most of the dirt is gone and you can already see the color codes of the cables again. I also don’t want it to be perfectly clean, I think you should see that this pin is celebrating it’s 50th birthday this year.

The only piece I’m not really satisfied with is the Score Motor. It’s still oily and dirty. Looks like I have to disassamble it 🙁

Anyways I think the difference is obvious.


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